who is eligible
  • "I found the house extremely friendly as the environment of boarding means you spend most of your time with friends, which was helpful during my start at Rugby as it made getting to know everyone a lot easier" Pupil at Rugby School


  • "I actually prefer the school routine as I am able to balance studies, sport and a healthy social life easily - something which I struggled to do back home" Pupil at Rugby School


  • "From my first initial visit my mind was put at rest by the friendly and welcoming staff; from the matron of the house, the house master, tutor teacher and the boys who he would be living with and becoming friends with" Parent


  • "A boarding education is an exceptional opportunity. For many from disadvantaged backgrounds it can provide the added boost they need to succeed" Charlotte Vere, Executive Director, The Girls' Schools Association


Who is eligible

Our pupils are recommended to us by our partners. We are unable to consider applications direct from families or guardians.

Our pupils must meet our eligibility criteria:

  •  low income background
  •  genuinely disadvantaged
  •  would best benefit from boarding.

What is a low income background?

Our pupils are usually eligible for free school meals.

What does “disadvantaged” mean?

Many different circumstances could be described as disadvantaged and we don’t have an exhaustive list. Some examples? A child may:

  •  have only one parent, who has to work all hours to support the family
  •  live in over-crowded accommodation with no quiet place to study
  •  have a parent who is seriously ill 
  •  have a parent affected by substance abuse
  •  suffer physical or mental abuse at home
  •  be neglected by parents or guardians.

Who would best benefit from boarding?

We are not looking for pupils who are the most gifted academically. Pupils we believe would best benefit from boarding are:

  • motivated
  • open-minded
  • eager for new opportunities
  • capable of becoming positive role models for their younger peers.