Who are SpringBoard partners

Our partners are a range of organisations around the UK which work with children. Through their work, partners get to know children and their home circumstances well. Partners are able to recommend potential pupils to us, when they feel children meet our eligibility criteria and would benefit from a SpringBoard bursary.

Partners then work closely with us and with our schools to:

  • prepare pupils for starting at boarding school
  • monitor pupils’ progress at school
  • support pupils during school holidays
  • encourage pupils to inspire others in their home communities.

The range of partners we work with includes:

  • charities
  • state day schools
  • local authority virtual schools.

"It has been really exciting to begin a partnership with Springboard Bursary Foundation that has led to 8 young people from our area being given the chance to study in independent boarding schools from September. Springboard’s ethos, vision and commitment are exemplary and we love working with them."

John M. Wood MBE
Director, Hope in Tottenham

Our Partners

Buttle UK

Haringey Virtual School

Hawick High School

Royal National Children's Foundation

Virtual School East Sussex

Westside School