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Thoughts of a Year 9 boy

The Life of a boarder

When you find out that you have got in the independent school, there is a sense of relief because all the work you have put in has paid off, this also encourages you to work harder and to do better; also at this point in time you keep wondering what the school and the people that I meet are going to be like, these are thoughts which don’t easily leave your mind but at the same time you still get the feeling of excitement because it is a massive opportunity and you have taken it. Getting your uniform is also another exiting aspect of joining an independent school, this is because it gives you the feel of being an actual student of the school and not a visitor or a guest.

The first day as a border is a day full of mixed emotions; at the start you are very excited but then at the end of the day when your parents have left you your feelings change, excitement quickly turns to homesickness, but at the same time there is a burning curiosity inside of you which slowly grows as you wonder what tomorrow will bring, who you will meet and what the lessons will be like. Some people may believe that the first day in the life of a boarder may be very fast paced and overwhelming, but for me, it was actually the exact opposite, things were very relaxed which helped me settle in easier, it was also very easy to find and meet new people, everyone is extremely kind and welcoming, it wasn’t hard to start a conversation with anyone at all. When the first day had finished and things had started to slow down, thoughts of my parents and siblings slowly crept back into my head, I believe this was mostly because there is not a lot to keep you busy, but when the next day comes, and there are things to occupy yourself with, the homesickness fades away again.

When the weekend finally came it was time for the football trials and this was the chance to make even more friends and build on the friendships you had already made, this day also puts a lot of pressure on you to perform but after playing for a while the sense of pressure goes without you knowing and then you start to play better and start enjoying yourself. When you find out that you have got into the team you are very excited but then the first game comes, your legs are literally shaking well mine were anyway but again you settle down and before we knew it, it was over and we came away with a 3-1 win in our first game.

My first academic lesson, where the behaviour tolerance was lower and amount of work became higher, was very nerve racking because I felt as if I had to make a good first impression to my teachers. Luckily my first impressions weren’t too bad but it all seemed a bit weird because of the transition of how the teachers were when I first met them, because they were all really nice but in lesson they became really strict, it took me a while to get used to this. Also the prep work was very hard and there was so much of it but luckily some friends helped me get through and after a while I seemed to be helping other people with their prep work. The food was another thing to get used to because I didn’t really like it, my new friends that I had made also felt the same; this was one of the many factors that contributed to my homesickness, the food I was given was nothing like my mother’s home cooked meals, but after a while I got used to the food available and it didn’t seem to bother me so much anymore.

One of the events that I found to be really enjoyable at my new school was sports day; this event is taken very seriously by everyone including teachers and especially by me. A lot of people who participate find that winning is the most important goal, but in my case, I was mostly focused on beating certain records or participants as to winning the actual competition itself. This meant that instead of trying to win the whole sport, I was setting myself targets instead; I found that this method worked well for me as I was successful in most of the sports I participated in, for example I came second place in 200 metres which I had never ran before but I was really happy that I beat my target. Also it’s a day to see your house do well and also to see how other houses do, and because of all the cheering from everybody it creates such a good atmosphere, in fact one of the best atmospheres I have ever experienced.

Overall I find that boarding is full of ups and downs but mainly ups and it can get very hectic but at the end of just one year you feel grown up, a lot more independent and even ready for the real world. I also feel as if I have gotten a lot smarter compared to the beginning of the year. I never thought that I would get used to boarding because I was missing home so much but now I feel as if I could spend months away from home and not become homesick so easily; so in my opinion I believe that boarding school allows you to become a more knowledgeable, independent and confident individual, as long as you make the most of your time and enjoy the experience.

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