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Thoughts of a Year 7 boy

A normal day as a boarder

As a boarder I start the day at 6:50 am in the morning. Matron normally says, “wakey wakey, time to get up” or the housemaster says “come on boys time to get up”. In 2 minutes time I have already made my way to the showers.

After I have had a shower I go to my dorm and put on my school uniform. Then I make my way to the downstairs lobby and wait for the bell to ring at 7:15am.

When that’s done I go to the changing room and take out my school shoes to go to breakfast at the dinning hall. At breakfast I normally feast on egg, bacon, hash browns and a variety of cereals.

When I finish I put my tray away, exit the dinning hall and make my way to the medical centre (for my hay fever tablets) while my fellow pupils proceed back to the boarding house. I then go to the boarding house and put away my shoes, then I enter the prep room to get my bag packed and ready for the day ahead of me. After I have done that I usually have a few minutes to spare so I might call my mum or talk to my friends until another bell rings for roll call.

Roll call is a house meeting every morning to make sure everyone has arrived at school. When that’s finished I head to my lessons at 8:55 to start for 9 o’clock.

At my school we call our lessons ‘periods’. Each period is 55 minutes long and after the first 2 periods I have a break at 10:55, the duration of which is 20 minutes long so it finishes at 11:15. Then we have 2 more periods until it is lunch. When that happens I drop my bags off at the boarding house and rush to the dining hall and eat lunch. Then I walk back to the boarding house to get ready for games. In games we have 1hr and 50 minutes of sports, sometimes we play football, rugby, hockey or cricket depending on what season we are in.

Then I have activities 5 minutes after games, but if I am in an activity that doesn’t include sport, I rush back to the boarding house to get changed as to not be too late for activities. Activity time is 55 minutes long, so at 5:05 I head back to the boarding house and get changed into my own clothes then I have 40 minutes until dinner. In that time I get the prep which I would have been set throughout the day ready for the prep session after dinner. When the bell rings I make my way to the changing room and put on my casual shoes and go to dinner.

When I have finished eating dinner I go back to the boarding house and start completing the prep assignments. Prep is an hour long, it starts at 6:30 and finishes at 7:30. When I have completed prep there is free time. This starts at 7:30 and finishes at 8:30.

If I want to go outside I have to check if I am on the jobs list and if I am not then I can do whatever I want. At 8:30 all the boys in first form (my current year) have to go upstairs and get ready for bed. At 8:45 I have to actually be in bed and when its 9:00 lights go off. That’s a normal day as a boarder.        

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