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Before I start at boarding school

What advice can you give me before I start at boarding school?

What can I do to prepare myself academically for boarding school?

What do I take with me to boarding school?

When I first get to boarding school

What challenges will I face when I arrive at boarding school?

What’s it like settling in at the start?

How easy is it to make friends? 

What should I definitely do when I start at boarding school?

What’s it like at boarding school?

What is enjoyable about the academic life at boarding school?

I’ve never played some of these sports before! Where can I find out about the rules?

What about the food?

What’s it like at the weekend?

Can I phone home?

Washing my dirty socks!

How do I manage having 2 lives, one at home and one at school?

Is it difficult switching between life at school and home?

What will I get out of going to boarding school?

What can I achieve at boarding school?