Frequently Asked Questions

My child has been offered a place at boarding school. Can SpringBoard help with the fees?

A:  A SpringBoard bursary covers boarding school fees plus extras.  Click here for more details.

Does SpringBoard only help pupils who are really clever or who have a special talent like music or sport?

A: No. A pupil must be able to meet the entrance criteria of the school we hope he or she will go to, but we don’t cherry-pick pupils for their academic ability or because they are especially good at something in particular.

If my child gets a SpringBoard bursary, will I have to make any financial contribution?

A: A SpringBoard bursary covers boarding school fees plus extras. Click here for more details

How can SpringBoard pupils fit in? All the other pupils at the school will be very different from them, won’t they?

A: Our schools are used to looking after pupils from all different backgrounds and the staff work very hard to make sure our pupils settle in and don’t feel that they stick out or that they are “different”. Our partners work very hard to prepare our pupils for what to expect when they go to school and to make them feel comfortable with the environment. Experience shows that our pupils quickly become part of the school community, just like everyone else.

It must be weird for SpringBoard pupils when they go home for the holidays?

A: Our pupils easily adapt to switching between life at school and life at home. During the holidays, they enjoy being with their families and seeing their home friends. Our partners are on hand to help and support our pupils in the holidays and staff at our schools are also contactable.

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